Increased climate focus under the new brand name Heidelberg Materials

During the fall, HeidelbergCement Group presented its transition to the new brand name Heidelberg Materials. Now the roll-out of the brand continues in the global organization, including the subsidiaries in Norway and Sweden. In connection with this, the company is clarifying its climate strategy.

The new name reflects the breadth of the entire organization's product offering, which in the Nordic region, in addition to cement, also includes concrete, aggregates and the construction and installation of steel and concrete frames.

Bringing together all the Group's companies and 51,000 employees under one brand is a step in the change that the entire company has begun, which is about offering products, services and solutions with less climate impact and thus contributing to long-term sustainable construction.

"This is a milestone for us. With a common global brand, we will have a better opportunity to drive innovation and achieve sustainable development for the construction sector and for society as a whole. It is crucial that we do our part, and I look forward to continuing the work together with our customers and suppliers," says Giv Brantenberg, General Manager Heidelberg Materials Northern Europe.

For a number of years, Heidelberg Materials has been driving the climate transition in the cement and concrete industry, with several globally important projects underway in the Nordic region, such as the establishment of CCS plants for carbon capture in cement production.

The fact that the entire group now operates under a common name contributes to increased focus in the work towards the common goal: to be able to build the future society with zero net emissions from the value chain. This means a committed effort to reduce CO2 emissions in own operations, but also with a focus on the emissions generated by suppliers and customers.

Key areas that Heidelberg Materials is working on to succeed are:

  • Transition to bioenergy in production and transportation.
  • Electrification and energy efficiency
  • More resource-effective production and product use
  • Carbon capture and storage in cement production (CCS).
  • Climate focus in procurement and customer partnerships.

“As we change our name, we do so with great respect for the strong brands we have created over time. We bring the best of our long history into our new shared brand Heidelberg Materials," says Giv Brantenberg.

Emma Sjöberg

Head of Communications Heidelberg Materials Northern Europe