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Careers at Heidelberg Materials

Heidelberg Materials is recognised as a global leader in the production of building materials, including aggregates, cement and concrete. With operations in more than 50 countries and approximately 51,000 employees, the company underscores its role in the vast network of the construction industry.

Heidelberg Materials has a strong presence in Northern Europe, with operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland. Here, some 4,200 employees contribute to both production and sales, supporting regional economic growth and the company's expansion.

Kajsa Runnbeck, HR Director

Kajsa Runnbeck, HR Director

Job opportunities

What kind of background and skills are we looking for?

“First and foremost, we are looking for people with the right attitude who can grow with us. They should be attracted to our products and, as our business is spread across many locations and countries, there are opportunities to work in different geographical locations. It is important to us that our employees enjoy working in a changing world, as we are constantly evolving in line with the situation.”

“We have an ongoing need to recruit graduate engineers and civil engineers in chemistry, mechanical engineering, construction and civil engineering. We also regularly recruit logisticians, economists and production workers such as concrete workers, operators."

Our four cultural principles guide us in our day-to-day work

Be stronger together and push forward!

Medarbetare på Heidelberg Materials

Our future needs teamwork. We perform at our best when we build on our global strength. Let’s combine our forces across all regions. With our hands-on attitude, we can overcome any challenge.

Unleash innovation!

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Our future needs creativity. Let’s use our freedom to go in new directions. Inventiveness knows no hierarchy. A great idea can come from anywhere and anyone. Own it and push it. 

Get the customer excited!

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Our future needs strong players. Let’s become even better partners for our customers. Their success is our success. We solve their problems. Even before they arise.

Think and act long-term!

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Our future needs solutions that last. That’s what we offer. Reliable and sustainable materials. Let’s be the leader that turns our industry co₂-neutral. Once and for all.

Maria Öström, Manager for Quality & Development Lab at Heidelberg Materials

What development opportunities are available?

If you have your own drive, desire and ambition, you have good opportunities to influence your own development. For example, you could develop as a manager or specialist, or you could change direction and work in another of our businesses. It is very much up to you to shape your future: we offer training opportunities; it is up to you to take up the challenge and develop.

Our leadership and talent development


In today's diverse and increasingly globalized society, it is more important than ever that we are working actively and with high focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB).

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are the foundation of a successful organization. By valuing our diverse workforce, we can drive innovation and achieve our goals. It is the responsibility of both leaders and employees to create a safe and welcoming environment, where everyone feels respected and included.

At Heidelberg Materials all employees have the same rights, opportunities and obligations. We treat all employees equally regardless of their background, beliefs, or experiences.

All employees have the right to feel included in the workplace and are expected to contribute to an inclusive working environment.

By giving and taking, we create a safe and welcoming working environment for ourselves and our colleagues. 

Inclusive leadership is becoming a part of our leadership trainings. Together all leaders and  employees in Northern Europe play a vital role in shaping an inclusive working environment.

Job opportunities in Northern Europe
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