Our offer

We are a supplier of complete solutions for large or small construction project. We produce locally and we can source a range of building materials to a project, or supply single products for specific applications. 

Our products:

  • Cement: Used for all types of concrete constructions, housing, tunnels, injection and ground stabilization, etc.
  • Ready-mixed Concrete: Used for slabs, walls, flooring, tunnels, bridges, etc. 
  • Aggregates: Used in concrete production, road construction, asphalt, etc.
  • Precast Concrete Elements: Used for housing and industrial constructions, tanks, slab tracks and sleepers for railway systems, etc.

Partner in civil engineering/infrastructure and large projects

Through close collaboration among our operating units within and across the region, we can offer our customers tailored solutions for one or a combination of products that together make up the key components of a larger project.

  • If you are looking for a specific product in a specific country, please get in touch with local sales responsible via the corresponding company websites (links in the tables below).

Quick facts about our products

About Cement

Cement is a finely milled mineral powder, usually grey in colour. The most important raw materials for the production of cement are limestone, clay, and marl. Mixed with water, cement serves as an adhesive to bind sand, gravel, and hard rock in concrete.

Cement hardens both in the air and under water, and remains in its hardened state once reached.

Cement in the society

How cement is produced

A video about cement production

About Ready-mixed Concrete

Concrete is a mixture of aggregates (approx. 80%), cement (approx. 12%), and water. Depending on the desired application, the characteristics of the concrete can be changed through the use of certain additives.

Except for water, no other substance on the planet is used more than concrete. All major construction projects – whether for tunnels or bridges, office buildings or schools – use concrete in some form or another.

Concrete is usually delivered to the building site by ready-mixed trucks and is poured locally into forms. Above: NorBetong's elctricity trucks.

About Aggregates

Aggregates are classified by particle size and consistency. They can be subdivided into the categories: natural stone aggregates (sand and gravel) and crushed aggregates (stone chippings and crushed stones). Aggregates are generally available in the form of a homogeneous bulk product.

The product characteristics are standardised, in order to ensure the necessary levels of reliability and processability.


Precast Concrete Elements

Precast Concrete Elements are used for housing, office buildings, parking garages, public buildings and industrial buildings as well as, tanks, sleepers for railway systems and different construction projects.

All precast elements are manufactured in our carefully controlled factory facilities.

Example precast products.