In picture: Winston Beck (Head of Governmental Affairs Heidelberg Materials), Kadri Simson (EU commissioner for Energy) and Giv Brantenberg (General Manager Heidelberg Materials Northern Europe).

“We are progressing towards our ambitious targets, and we aim to do our part"

This was the clear message from Heidelberg Materials to EU Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, when meeting at the occasion of the CCUS Forum hosted by the European Commission and Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in Oslo 27-28 October.

Winston Beck, Heidelberg Materials Head of Governmental Affairs, stated that Heidelberg Materials will continue to be a driving force to reduce carbon emissions in the cement industry:

"By 2030, we aim to reduce our CO2-emissions with close to 50% vs 1990 and remove 10 mtons (cumulative) of CO2 through Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS). We have goals and ambitions that are by far the strictest in our sector and CCUS is one of the main levers to transform industries with unavoidable process emissions."

Giv Brantenberg, Heidelberg Materials General Manager in Northern Europe

Giv Brantenberg, Heidelberg Materials General Manager in Northern Europe displayed several of the projects in the company’s pipeline:

"The first project completed will be Brevik CCS in 2024 We’ve recently moved from a phase of deconstruction and preparation, to building and installing the carbon capture facility at the plant. When this is done, it will be the world’s first full-scale carbon capture facility at a cement plant. This shows that we’re past talking about projects and are now building them", Brantenberg stated.  

Heidelberg Materials was also asked to provide the Forum’s keynote speech on industrial leadership.

"For the Green Deal to become a success, we need to work with the entire CCUS value chain, from industry and governments to societal organizations to succeed. We were therefore pleased by the Energy Commissioner’s statements on the need of CCUS to reach global climate targets and the commitment to deliver an EU strategic vision on CCUS deployment next year", Beck and Brantenberg stated.

Ada Ruud Saltnes

Communication Manager Norway

Heidelberg Materials Norge AS Lilleakerveien 2A
0283 Oslo