Successful launch of Heidelberg Materials in Scandinavia, Baltics next

Last week, local launch events were organized at 165 separate physical locations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Giv Brantenberg, General Manager Heidelberg Materials Northern Europe visited several locations to officially launch the transition to one brand. 

– For over 150 years, our companies have been the cornerstone of the foundation on which our society is built. Every day, we produce and deliver materials that enable the world we live in. And we should be proud of that. As we change our name, we do so with great respect for the strong brands we have created over time. We are now joined under one brand, and we will continue to build on the strong core values we bring with us from our proud industrial history. 

We must continue to drive change

Brantenberg emphasized the importance of working together and setting ambitious targets.

– Together with our customers and suppliers, we play a significant role in society. It is crucial that we do our part in carrying out the changes required by our society, especially when it comes to climate change. The Northern Europe-companies have always been at the forefront of the Heidelberg Materials Group and our markets, particularly when it comes to our sustainability efforts. Now, we want to strengthen that. Under one brand, our focus on the environment and climate change within our value chain will become clearer and more distinct Brantenberg stated and added;

– We must reinforce our goals and expect net zero emissions from our value chain. This means that all our activities, from raw materials to the final use of our products, will have net zero emission in total. And this is not just something we say, this is something we believe in wholeheartedly.  
Brantenberg pointed towards the pioneering projects within Carbon Capture and Storage technology in the cement production in Norway and Sweden, and the initiative with emission free sea transport of bulk material, as example areas of leadership. 

Enthusiastic employees

Emma Sjöberg, Head of Communication in Heidelberg Materials Northern Europe was pleased with the feedback from the organization.

–  Last week a total of 3,500 employees gathered in different locations in our region to celebrate the new chapter of Heidelberg Materials. During the spring, the business units in the Baltic region will also join the new brand.   By the end of the year nearly 30 operational and holding companies in Northern Europe will have changed their name to Heidelberg Materials, and we have now  already started to work more jointly together towards a more sustainable future. 

Overview city

Hello future!

Emma Sjöberg

Head of Communications Heidelberg Materials Northern Europe

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