Stockholm Tvärbanan Link (Sweden)

The Tvärbanan Link is a tram line linking the commuter rail and metro networks in Stockholm, Sweden. The Tvärbanan Link runs between Solna station, near central Stockholm, and Sickla udde on Lake Hammarby. The line runs in an arc from the north, via the west to southern parts of Stockholm.

The Tvärbanan Link was built in stages, with Stage 1 started in 1996 and going into operation in 2000. The penultimate stage was completed in 2014. This section, from Solna station to Alvik, is four kilometres long, has six stations, and two concrete tunnels and bridges.

The two tunnels, totalling 400 metres, were built in twelve-metre sections. Between 170 and 260 cubic metres of ready-mixed concrete were needed, corresponding to around 50 concrete trucks per section. Heidelberg Materials' subsidiary Betongindustri supplied approximately 15,000 cubic metres of ready-mixed concrete, including special products like FrostBI or other air-entrained concrete.

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Project Data

  • NCC Construction Sverige AB


  • 2017