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Skanska og Heidelberg Materials baner vei for bærekraftig bygging med netto nullbetong


Skanska and Heidelberg Materials pave the way for sustainable construction with net zero concrete

Construction company Skanska has taken an important step towards reducing its climate impact by becoming one of the first to order Heidelberg Materials' unique cement product evoZero. The agreement between the two companies was signed today.

Signering evoZero

"Reducing our climate impact will require close collaboration with our material suppliers. The concrete we produce and use in our operations accounts for a significant part of our total climate footprint. Therefore, it feels completely right that we are one of the first actors in the construction industry to sign an agreement for Heidelberg Materials' groundbreaking cement," says Magnus Persson, CEO of Skanska Sweden.

evoZero is the first cement in the world to be produced using carbon capture technology (CCS), which removes carbon dioxide from the production process. The quality of the cement remains unchanged, works for all applications without compromising performance and can therefore be used in all parts of the value chain.

"It is very positive that Skanska, as one of the leading construction companies, together with us wants to be at the forefront of sustainable societal development. We are now setting a new standard in the construction industry with evoZero, and together with our customers we are accelerating the climate transition in the value chain," says Giv Brantenberg, General Manager of Heidelberg Materials Northern Europe.

Innovation on its way to large-scale deployment in Sweden

The innovative carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology behind evoZero captures and permanently stores the carbon dioxide from cement production.

Heidelberg Materials' CCS plant in Brevik, Norway, which is the first of its kind in the world, will be commissioned in 2025. It will capture 400,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually and store it under the North Sea seabed. During 2025, the first volumes of evoZero will be delivered from the Brevik plant, marking a new era for sustainable construction globally.

The Brevik CCS plant is just the beginning as Heidelberg Materials in Sweden is planning for a CCS project more than four times the size in Slite, Gotland. It aims to capture up to 1.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually from 2030 - enabling the majority of Sweden's concrete construction to be converted to zero net emissions.

Anders Rehnström, Executive Vice President Skanska Sweden, Magnus Persson, CEO Skanska Sweden, Giv Brantenberg, General Manager Heidelberg materials Northern Europe, Magnus Ohlsson, CEO Heidelberg Materials Cement Sweden.

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