Northern Link, Värtan Interchange (Sweden)

The Värtan interchange connects the Northern Link, Lidingövägen, and Hamngatan in Värtan, Sweden. The interchange is 350 metres long and on two levels with connecting ramps.

The project also included a 200-metre long concrete tunnel and a 150-metre “concrete trough” to serve as access to and from the Northern Link.

The Värtan interchange was solidly cast: First, the structure was cast, and a twelve-centimetre thick layer of concrete was laid on top of this. Concrete was used instead of asphalt on ramps and on the actual interchange. Concrete was chosen instead of asphalt, because concrete is more durable. The concrete will last around 40 years, while a normal asphalt surface would need relaying roughly every four years, depending on traffic load.

Heidelberg Materials' subsidiary Betongindustri delivered 48,500 cubic metres of concrete, of which 2,900 cubic metres were surface concrete. The surface concrete is a special mix with hard aggregates to withstand wear from traffic. This concrete was supplied in white and black.

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  • 2014