Kajen 4

The Kajen 4 residential building in Stockholm, Sweden, is 75 metres high with 24 storeys and has a jet black silhouette.

The building is one of many built by residential developer JM at Liljeholmskajen. The first building was completed in 2003, and the company continues to build in the area.

Kajen 4 was recognised by the city as “Stockholm Building of the Year 2015”.

HeidelbergCement’s subsidiary Betongindustri delivered 8,000 m3 ready-mixed concrete for this project. The concrete was pumped to height by Betongindustri’s biggest pump, and further casting was accomplished using buckets.

Further information (Swedish)

Project Data

  • JM


  • Gert Wingårdh


  • 2015



Sjöviksbacken 5
117 59 Stockholm (Sweden)