Heidelberg Materials launches evoZero-cement from world's first CCS plant in the cement industry

Through dedicated innovation and technology development, the world's first large-scale carbon dioxide capture (CCS) plant in the cement industry will soon be operational in Brevik, Norway.

As a result, Heidelberg Materials is now launching evoZero ─ cement products that make it possible to build with concrete with zero net emissions.

"With the CCS initiative in Brevik and the evoZero products, we are reaching a historic milestone in the development of our industry. It is a fundamental step for society's ability to build in concrete with no net emissions. We now look forward to forward-thinking construction companies paving the way and planning their future projects with evoZero," says Giv Brantenberg, General Manager Heidelberg Materials Northern Europe.

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Emma Sjöberg

Head of Communications Heidelberg Materials Northern Europe