Cromatico Sculpture (Estonia)

Can concrete and music have something in common? Indeed, they can – in 2011 a peculiar concrete object was set up at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds in Estonia – an acoustic sculpture “Cromatico”, which combines architecture, music, and art.

“Cromatico” consists of 12 thin-walled cast-in-situ concrete chambers. The chambers are of different heights and reminiscent of the black and white piano keys within the twelve notes of an octave. Visitors are able to step inside and walk through the sculpture and make sounds in each chamber from Fa to Mi – and the half steps in-between.

The sculpture was chosen as the winner of the Concrete Structure of the Year 2011 contest. At the same time, Heidelberg Materials Betoon AS was nominated as Best Concrete Supplier. “We were attracted by the concept of this project and the possibility to cooperate with the senior specialists involved,” said Indrek Rahu, General Manager. “This sculpture is an ode to concrete,” concluded Chairman of the Jury, Aadu Kana, at the awards ceremony.

Project Data

  • Lukas Kühne


  • 2011